How to Use Spirulina Tablets? How to Use Spirulina Powder?

Spirulina products do not have any usage and consumption obligation. Since it is a food product, it can be consumed with all kinds of products. It is not recommended by experts to overheat or boil it so that it does not lose its beneficial content.

Spirulina can be consumed with many foods and beverages with its unique taste and aroma.

It can be consumed on an empty or full stomach.

It can be consumed with foods such as muesli and cereal.

Spirulina in powder form can be mixed directly with water, milk and yogurt.

It can be added to Smoothies, Juices.

It can be used in products such as Pasta, Cake, Pastry, Cookies and Bread.

It can be planted on salads and soups.

It can be applied as a mask by making a paste with water on the skin.


Spirulina Tablet (for average 500 mg)

It can be consumed with plenty of water in adults and children.

Daily; 1-2 Pieces for 4-11 years old children

Daily; 3-5 Pieces for adults over 11 years old

See: It can be applied as a mask by making a paste with water, yogurt and olive oil on the skin. (You can find our related article in the blog posts.)


Note: It is not a drug. It is not used for the prevention or treatment of diseases. The recommended daily portion should not be exceeded. Supplementary foods cannot replace the normal diet. It should be kept out of reach of children. Consult your doctor during pregnancy and lactation, illness or drug use. People who use phenylketonuria and immunosuppressant drugs should not use this product.