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Who are we

Our story, which started in pursuit of a natural life dream that has been going on for centuries,

ALGOLINA SPIRULİNA came to life again with .

We are working hard to ensure that products produced with transparent and traditional methods are accessible to all our consumers on this path that we set out with the motto of Algolina Healthy Living Family. And spirulina has emerged as the most precious result of our path.

Algolina Spirulina, which was analyzed in different laboratories, appeared to have the same high content ratio as spirulina grown in many different regions of the world. Our products, which are produced in powder and tablet forms in our facilities, are offered to our consumers in healthy packages approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Our products produced in our facility, which has ISO 9001 and 22000 quality certificates, also have GMP and HALAL certificates.

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